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 From:             Hans WY Yeung <>
 Sent:               Mon, 03 Jun 2002 23:31:04 +0800
 Subject:          Tourism
Hi pal,

 I am pleased to announce that I have already started (really!!) my
 research project on the history of HK"s tourism, and I intend to make it
 a theme of my paper proposed to be presented in an internatonal
 conference next year.

 You mentioned to me you need some time to find out whether there are
 enough statistical data on tourism in HK. To ease your burden, I provide
 the following selected bibliography for your reference. They are
 certainly not exhaustive, but at least it produces the impression that
 there are USEFUL data in addition to the census one in our library that
 can facilitate the study of HK tourism as an economic phenomenon  at
 least since the formation of the Hong Kong Tourist Association in 1957.

 1. Use subject search in Dragon and key in "Hong Kong Tourist
 Association", and you will see several sub-subjects. Click in the
 "Research Department", and you will see many books and journals
 published by this departemnt of the HKTA. They should be very impressive
2. The Hong Kong Tourist Association has been publishing annual reports
 since 1957, all of which are available in the HKU library (possibly in
 HKBU as well).
3. Leung Chi-keung, The Tourist industry of Hong Kong (1963) MSS
 338.4791 L65 (Undergraduate essay presented in the Dept. of G & G, HKU).
 This thesis provides basic information on HK's tourist development up to
 1963. Somewhat historical in perspective, this thesis will interest you
 because it is a blend of approaches - historical, geographical and economic.

 For your information, I find some very useful tourist history books in
 both the HKU library and on web (you know, not all perspectives in
 tourist study is appreciated in this money-loving knoll of HK, thus
 books in Library on this subject may be narrow in scope), and have
 started a "global - regional - local" study of tourist history. I am now
 constructing a somewhat "model" of how HK was (or has been) relevant in
 the global development of tourism from its very start of colonial
 history, because you know tourism as an acknowledge public activity had
 already taken shape in the 19th century. There had been sort of "Tourist
 Bureau" in US and Europe at that time, and some people in Hong Kong in
 the early 1900s suggested to follow suit!

 This becomes more and more interesting. Agree?

 Anyway, my impression is that this understudied subject (in spite of
 that statistics-producing "Research" Department of the HKTA) of tourism
 can be a fertile soil on which good scholarship can be flourishing. I
 will surely set my foot on it, and is planning to do something. It will
 be my great pleasure if I can draw your expertise of (and devotion in)
 Economics to turn out good production adopting multi-disciplinary

 Hope that we can join hand to produce quality research.


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